About Us

We began Macquariedale back in 1993 when Derice and I made the decision to plant some vines on our property near the Hunter River. It was an experiment to find out if we really loved it enough to become serious about the wine industry. And the answer to that, is now obvious! However, my journey with wine began quite some time earlier when I was a teenager and was experimenting with making wine in my bedroom. Then in my 20’s when I planted vines on a family farm in what use to be rural Appin.

We became really serious about growing and making wine in 1998 when we moved from Sydney to the Hunter Valley permanently. We then purchased an old vineyard to add to the existing vines we had planted in 1993. However, as we travelled along the journey of viticulture and farm life we soon realised we had to farm more sustainably for our sake, our customers and the land.

Hence our move into Biodynamic/Organic farming. A steep learing curve began and to be undertaken during a seven year drought tested our resolve and commitment. Biodynamic farming was a natural extension of our existing lifestyle so there was no going back to “conventional ways”.