Biodynamics/Organic/Natural Wine

Biodynamics Organic

Drinking great Biodynamic wines is like listening to live music: the best conventional wines are like a standout performance on CD, played on the smartest audio equipment. Listening to the CD can be deeply enjoyable, even moving – but not as profound, memorable or rewarding as being in the audience at a concert, experiencing the moment with all your senses.

Max Allen – wine journalist

In 2005 Macquariedale Organic Wines became the first vineyard in the Hunter Valley to receive Full Biodynamic Certification.

We decided to change our farming practises to Biodynamic in 2001 which was based on a lifestyle choice as well as it being very important to us to be able to improve the land as we farm it. Biodynamics takes organic and sustainability practises several steps further by actually improving the soil.

Being Certified Biodynamic/Organic means all products used in the vineyard (and in our case our whole property) are all natural and do not contain synthetic chemicals, herbicides, pesticides or systemic chemicals.

At Macquariedale we make our own compost with as many products sourced from the property which is then put under the vines. As part of the Biodynamic Certification our farm is required to be as diverse as possible with a farm management plan which is audited annually by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic). Cows are be kept on the farm as the cow manure is one of the main ingredients of the Biodynamic preparations – BD500. The other preps are numbered BD501 to BD508 and are quartz, plant and flower based which all play a specific role in activating minerals and organisms in the soil to bring a “living working soil”. Plants are then fed through the soil and not through artificial fertilisers.

Biodynamic agriculture was first put forward by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner in 1924. Biodynamics sees the soil as an organism in its own right and uses the preparations, applied according to cosmic rhythms to naturally enhance the soil and thus plant vitality. Hence it is a holistic farming method encompassing all elements and teaching you to be in tune with the land and environment which we caretake.

The results of these practises is that the produce is grown naturally the way nature intended, with regaining its fullness of flavour, richness of colour and diversity or aromas of the land. By practising Biodynamic viticulture, we secure a better and healthier future for our land, our plants, ourselves and for you, our customers.