Our Garlic


We began the journey of growing Garlic in response to the poor quality garlic that was being offered to the Australian people.

Most of this garlic comes in from overseas (namely China) and has been treated with a list of chemicals most of us wouldn’t know how to pronounce. Not only is the garlic fill of chemicals it is also lacking in flavour.

We also wanted to be able to offer our Savour Life Wine Club Members and Friends of Macquariedale an alternative to what the supermarkets are offering and to help preserve the food sovereignty in Australia.

As with growing grapes or any other food product, our journey has been a steep learning experience and continues to challenge us.  However we delight in taking this path.

Before we planted the Garlic we prepared the soil – garlic patch – for a few years with crops that would enrich the soil with organic matter and many nutrients.  Then we applied the Biodynamic preparations to enrich the soil even further.  The garlic’s response to this has been to reward us with a magnificant fresh, flavoursome, alive product.

In contrast to the vineyard the growing season for garlic is over winter.  It is planted in autumn and then harvested in late spring – mid to late November.  It is then hung to dry a little and then we able to send the seasons rewards to our customers to also enjoy!

To be part of this delightful produce and to receive early notification of the harvest, email garlic@macquariedale.com.au to be added to our “must have garlic database”.  Or during the garlic season – November to April – purchase direct from this website.

Add a Kilogram of Certified Biodynamic Garlic to your shopping cart – AUD$40.00 + freight