Our Vineyards & Winery

WineryOur Vineyards

In the vineyards we are now fully certified Biodynamic by the ACO (Australian Certified Organic) which prohibits the use of chemcial herbicides, pesticides, synthetic chemical fertilizers and most importantly, systemic grapevine sprays.

The Bioydnamic practices bring a natural balance to the vineyards through the use of homeopathic vineyard sprays and preparations for the composts.  The ethereal life forces that impinge on the planet are respected in the timing of the sprays and performing the vineyard activities such as the grape harvesting.

We supplement the Biodynamic systems with inter row plantings during the winter of a range of legumes e.g. peas, beans, vetch and clover for nitrogen fixing together with some cereals for organic matter.  The inter row crop is slashed and turned in around bud burst in September.  We also use tonics such as seaweed and fish emulsion to provide a boost for the extremely vigorous vines in the periods up to berry set and verasion.


Our Winemaking Practises

Our winemaking practises follow the path of sustainability as we hand pick the grapes so as to minimise the initial use of perservative – sulphur. The winery is setup in a tradional manner using open red fermenters with basket press juice extraction.  A gentle use of the crusher destemmer using the natural or wild yeast which is ever present in the vineyard to do the work of wine production. Normally with our pristine diseasefree grapes we can eliminate the use of sulphur during this process.  After approximately 12-24 months – depending on the wine – the wine is bottled with the addition of a small amount of sulphur.  We generally like to mature the finished bottled wine for a period of at least six months before release however this is not always possible as the demand is very strong for our beautiful wines.

 The winery is fully sustainable being powered by biodiesel with solar electric cells to be installed as backup.


What’s in it for You!

Following these steps we are producing more authentic and natural wines which are truly representative of our Certified Biodynamic vineyards.  Our wines show intense flavours with well integrated complexity from the subtle use of oak and these wines are especially suited to be enjoyed with your favourite meals.

We strongly believe that our wines are better for you from a health perspective being low in preservative, sulphur (220), being free from the influence of toxic systemic chemicals and containing no fining agents.