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2017 Chardonnay Chardonnay
The wine shows some lovely integrated flavours of peach and melons with the silky oak tannins.
Chardonnay Unwooded
$28 each
2018 Chardonnay Chardonnay Unwooded
A lighter-style Chardonnay, perfect for the summer months
Liquid Christmas Cake 375mL
$25 each
Dessert Wine Liquid Christmas Cake 375mL
This liqueur is soft and delicious and as the name suggests has the flavour of grandma's Christmas cake.
MacBlush Rose
$30 each
2020 Rosé MacBlush Rose
Red berry flavours with a lovely crisp finish. Perfect for warm Spring and Summer days.
Marty's Verdelho
$28 each
2020 Verdelho Marty's Verdelho
Melons and citrus flavours are pronounced on the palate.
Mathew Merlot
$32 each
2019 Merlot Mathew Merlot
The wine exhibits a lifted cherry and blackcurrant flavour with a well integrated smooth, silky tannic finish.
Nothing But Grapes (NBG)
$32 each
2020 Red Blend Nothing But Grapes (NBG)
Our ever popular preservative-free red wine
Pinot Noir
$47 each
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2018 Pinot Noir Pinot Noir
Soft silky tannins with overtones of raspberries and mushrooms are evident.
RJ's Tawny 750mL
$40 each
Tawny RJ's Tawny 750mL
Our RJS Tawny Liqueur NV is named after my Father who enjoyed a good port with a cigar after dinner.
RJ's Tawny Liqueur 375mL
$25 each
Tawny RJ's Tawny Liqueur 375mL
Our RJS Tawny Liqueur NV is named after my Father who enjoyed a good port with a cigar after dinner.
$28 each
2019 Semillon Semillon
The 2019 vintage was picked early February with good natural acidity producing a lean Hunter style.
Semillon Gone Wild
$36 each
2019 Semillon Semillon Gone Wild
Wild ferment on skins, pressed into seasoned oak. No filtration or Fining.
Solero 375mL
$25 each
Dessert Wine Solero 375mL
There is a distinct apricot character with honey overtones.
Thomas Shiraz
$30 each
2019 Shiraz Thomas Shiraz
The wine exhibits a ripe berry bouquet with a hint of white pepper on the palate.
Thomas Shiraz Reserve
$57 each
2019 Shiraz Thomas Shiraz Reserve
A premium wine from an outstanding vintage